THE ART TO USE your curiosity in a new normal

world for more joy, life balance and resilience

How would you feel if you were transported back in time to relive a global pandemic episode or a financial crisis – being forced to live in a health lockdown or under stressful economic constraints?

What would you do differently this time to remain peaceful and resilient, with an internal joy and life balance? You could be laid off, working from home with all its challenges, or in the office under social distancing rules, being forced once again to recreate your life and social connections under adverse circumstances.

When there is panic, division and uncertainty all around you, you can be and feel in total control, able to make meaningful life decisions for yourself. There is no time like the present to begin preparing for these future challenges. Start by being Curiosimply today!

Curiosimply itself is a curiosity toolbox created for you, to help you measure and enhance your openness and curiosity. It is designed to increase your Curiosity Quotient in all areas and allow you to thrive, and not merely survive, during difficult times. History demonstrates that there is always a renaissance after a catastrophe. Those who will profit the most from the rebirth will be those who embrace the new without guarantees, have learned the lessons of the past, and recognize the patterns of the human brain.

Curiosimply is the combination of Curiosity and Simplicity. Things don’t need to be complicated, especially when you know and manage your inner world, your outside world interpretation changes completely to an unfair positive advantage for you.

In this book you will learn:

  • What Curiosimply means, the spotlight of your main three Intelligence quotients and why CQ is the ultimate one to live holistically in harmony.
  • Why your life balance is a specific concern in today’s back to normal world, especially if you are a high achiever, and what you can do to remain centered, aligned and not let anything or anyone disrupt you during the chaos.

  • How to use technology to rapidly increase your CQ, emotional intelligence, confidence, and view of the world. Anyone sufficiently curious can learn just about anything, no matter how difficult the subject may be.

  • The three major subconscious barriers that control your life and the seven weapons to protect yourself in this uncertain and unbalanced world.

  • How to augment your income, upgrade your soft/hard skills, expand your circle of influence exponentially, while learning and applying new knowledge to secure yourself and family, no matter where you live.

The 2020-23 pandemic should be a strong wakeup call to start living intentionally in the present moment, not in the past, not in the next day, but now, without any guarantee of success but neither any regret.

Curiosimply teaches you to extract the lessons from negatives events, to unleash the powerful capacities of your brain, and to achieve permanent transformational behavior, that only being curious can offer.

This back to normal world is asking you to forget what happened in early 2020 and to almost live like nothing has changed. Forgetting and not preserving the learning of the recent past, however, will cause you a huge unfair disadvantage today and next time.

Why should you read this book? This world is not going any better soon, it is passing through a dark and unstable phase. You and I have been forced to forget what is important in life. I do not need to convince you how much pain the world is carrying; you can see evidence every minute. You and I are forced to live in a post pandemic world today.

Do not wait for another crisis to learn how your brain works, how it protects you, and how it blocks you. Come and learn the transformational simple principles, available concepts, and strategies I have developed and want to share all with you. Curiosimply reminds you that life is not always an easy road and that you can make it simple by playing together and not

With intelligence, humanity and love,

The Author.

Connect With THOMAS

Knowing something already is the most significant barrier that suppresses your curiosity. Stop wanting to be right and you will see how your life will begin to change around you. 

Curiosimply should be applied daily, not knowing everything, accepting other opinions and paying attention to the simple things that matter the most to you.

You were once a child, and usually every young child explores life by asking many questions and doing things from a space of joy, trial and error, and making lots of mistakes. After a few years, when leaving those innocent years behind and becoming more prepared for life, you not only block your curiosity skills to fit into a society that is full of rules and standards. You forget to focus on your life balance, to live in resilience mode and to activate the gratitude and joy of simple things. 

 I'm not a scientist, but you will understand the three main intelligence quotients that exist today. 

For me, CQ represents “the highest level of Intelligence you have”. This is a book that allows you to awaken or increase the curiosity within you, as a response to your own challenges. Keeping it simple is not that easy but it’s very simple.

 Often the simplest things are the ones that can make your life happier, healthier or even wealthier, but because they seem so simply good to be true, you may fail to believe or to explore them. In this complex world, the more difficult things are, the more rewarded you feel when you achieve them.  There is nothing wrong with that. Throughout my 16 years of mentoring and coaching career, I see that there is less room for all those simple things that can make people know and love themselves better every single day, no matter what is going on in the external world and yet it's challenging. Why? because in most cases our inner child is still hurt, angry, and sad from the past.

 I invite you to explore life and fulfill your passions, without needing to have all the statistics, data and calculations to predict an outcome. Act in spite of fear, limited beliefs, others' opinions and of course knowing that your IQ or EQ are relevant. However, your CQ is the highest and ultimate form of intelligence, which you have possessed since you were a baby.  So, use your Curiosimply!


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